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Neues Produkt Etikette

These products in laminated cotton make pleasure. Easy to clean. Woman like the feminin, timeless pattern. All products with red inner lining.

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Neues Produkt Etikette Produktbild

Toiletbag with roses on black 27x18 cm

Brand: Pédale | Productcode: RSNC

Neues Produkt Etikette Produktbild

Cosmeticpurse with roses on black 23x16cm

Brand: Pédale | Productcode: RSCP

Neues Produkt Etikette Produktbild

Little beauty case with roses 19x14x16cm

Brand: Pédale | Productcode: RSLBC

Neues Produkt Etikette Produktbild

Pencilcase with roses on black 19x8cm

Brand: Pédale | Productcode: RSPC

Neues Produkt Etikette Produktbild

Simple pouch with roses on black 18x13cm

Brand: Pédale | Productcode: RSSPRose Simple Pouch 18x13cm

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