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Well known are also our Invitations we made in the last twenty years.
You'll can find them all here.

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It all started 1980 with Art Déco glassware - originals from the 1920's and 1930's.

Since then recognized trends, and we have also created and produced modern classics of kitsch.
The PEDALE world is colorful, unusual, unique and occaisionally weird. It's allowed to smile or even laugh out loud!

Pinup-Uhr KAraffe mit Gläser Skulptur Mann hält Flieger
Our product range includes amulets, Saints, charms and Madonas in many variations...

PEDALE handbags and accessories - designed and produced by Pédale...

Hellblaue Tasche Tartan Stile Bags Scottish-Stile Bags

...come in kitschy flowers on Mexican oilcloth... in velvet with oriental gold ornamentation.... or in shrill eyepopping plaid etc.
We can also execute your designs on request

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